Aviary Falcon


A simple image mark-up editor for beginners


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Online image editors come with more and more added functions, like Aviary Phoenix. This, in turn, causes a situation where novice users lack the confidence to operate these mark-up editors.

For this reason alternative applications like Aviary Falcon have been launched, a mark-up editor specifically targeted at those who just want to carry out minor re-touches to their photos or simply do a drawing.

With Aviary Falcon you can upload images or start a drawing from scratch. For this purpose, you have various tools such as a paintbrush, colour selector and a range of different shapes, as well as the option to add text to the picture. In addition to this, you have cropping, rotation and re-sizing functions.

With all these features, Aviary Falcon is now the ideal choice of application for users who want to edit an image and without having to worry about details.
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